Welcome to our Maine Coon Kitten Page ,All Kittens on this page are available , once a hold deposit is placed the kitten is considered sold and deleted from the page 

A Misconception has come to my Attention : People are becoming confused about Maine Coons and I am Going to Update those who are under this misconception .. First there are Maine Coon Cats floating around making people think all Maine Coons Look Like these cats, Well NO!! These Maine Coons Are a European Line Of completely different Blood lines changing what the Maine Coon Looks like and the size of these cats .. WE DO NOT BREED EUROPEAN MAINE COONS , We Breed Standard American Maine Coons below you will see the difference between these cats Also Keep in Mind European Maine Coons Are Very Very Pricey .... Pictures Below are not our Cats Just used for ref. so you can see the difference if you are looking for a European Maine Coon WE DO NOT ,HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT EVER HAVE THEM !!! We do know a breeder who does carry this line but her prices start at $4000 , If you are Looking For a European Maine Coon DO NOT PLACE A DEPOSIT AS THEY ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND AGAIN WE DO NOT HAVE EUROPEAN LINES 

We are Closing Our Cattery once all kittens listed are Fully weaned , Kittens Listed are the last Kittens we will have .. Adults will be available for new homes once kittens are fully weaned 

Maine Coon Kittens 

Donate Buttons Are Deposit /hold for the kitten you choose , Buy It now Buttons require a shipping link and you can not get a shipping link for a puppy or kitten because WE DO NOT SHIP !!!!

New Litter Born 8/21/18 

Tabby/White Female  $900 
pet only no papers will be ready late Oct. Early Nov. 

Welcome To Synergy Moon Maine Coons Kitten Page ,All Kittens Listed on this Page are still available unless Marked SOLD, hold deposit links are above each kittens photo ,any questions please contact us ...

Deposits info

 If you are interested in a Kitten give us a call 

(941) 527-2263.                  ***PLEASE NOTE*** We Do NOT Accept Checks ,payments can be made Cash, Credit card or paypal.. Depsoits are $350 to hold a kitten  Or $150 If you have already Joined the Waiting List