We Do Not Like to Ship but understand everyone is not local ,So we will ship if it is a must , Shipping is around $500 give or take depending on size of pet ..

The Airline Fee you see on the Airline Sites is not what is actually paid , Airline fee is just that the airline fee it doe not include ,airline approved pet kennel , Special vet certificate to fly , or the Gas for Me to drive to the nearest airport that ships "tampa".. so that is what adds up the shipping cost , i listed below what all is paid, and why shipping fee is more then what is listed on the airlines site ..

 When shipping the puppy/kitten has to get a special health certificate from a vet before it is approved for flying ,this vet visit can cost anywhere from $150 -$300 depending on the vet . 

Airline Fees Range for $200 -$400 depending on airline and size of pet 

Airline Approved Kennel $60-$200 depending on size of pet 

If you choose to have you pet shipped we need to know 2 weeks in advance , to make sure everything is set up appointments made and airline scheduled before any pet can be shipped ... I will set everything up but just remember to let me know at least 2 weeks before you want your kitten or puppy shipped , pet must be at least 8 weeks old to fly ,please note we will not be responsible for any mishandling of the pet once the airlines have said pet .. we prefer buyer to fly in and take pet as carry one or drive to our home to pick puppy/kitten up ..